Local Outreach

Beach days are back!!!

Saturday's, South Ponto Beach (Noah's Ark) at 12:30-2:00 PM!!! 

(What do we do you might ask?) 

We go down to the beach and we give away free hot dogs to anyone who wants them, and we play a game called Volley Squares and we also play alot of Bocce Ball.

(Volley Squares is not nine square; it is better than 9 Squares. This game was invented by a friend of mine before 9 square was invented.)

You might also ask, well that sounds fun all but where is the real Outreach in it?


Well Community for one; that is fun and all, but that is not the main point. 

And by now you're probably thinking it's pretty obvious what we are doing. They're going out there and preaching the gospel; right?

We're not out there preaching on a soapbox, we are not out there trying to get in your face about anything; in fact the most assertive thing that we do is we go out to every person on the beach and we offer them free hot dogs, and we invite them to play Volley Squares with us.

And still you're probably thinking, what the heck are you guys doing there, where is Christ in all this!

Our goal is to plant a seed nothing more, we are living in a culture that is getting more and more hostile towards Christianity' and a culture that is shockingly biblically illiterate; and why I bring that up is; the average person knows nothing about Christianity much less about Christ himself, they think that we are just a bunch of hateful, bigots, racist, sexist and those are just some of the nicer things that they say. Because we are fighting a cultural uphill battle, we simply need people to go out there showing good old-fashioned Christian love to people; that's why we're out there just to plant that seed, and hopefully then they go and find a Christian family to be a part of to grow with and get discipleship. Of course we do get in deeper conversations and we love that too, and we do get the opportunity to share the gospel with people sometimes; but that's just not the main focus of this Outreach. 

International Missionaries


As an independent and church, we are free to support Missionaries from diverse denominations and traditions. Our primary concern is they are sincerely striving to follow the Bible and make disciples in Jesus' name. We are supporting these missionaries:

Philemon Chhetri: New Life Mission, Nepal


John Chynoweth: Campus Crusade Directors


Nicolas & Michaela Dunn: Missionaries to Communist China


Richard and Grace Lawson: Loving Orphans Global-



Rocky and Joske Malloy: Mission Generation

Greg and Kathy Saracoff: Tijuana, El Arca Orphanage & Rehab


Dr. P. & Vasantha Paramanaandam: Chenai, India



Keith & Jacqueline Stanton: Training Missionaries for New Tribes Mission-



Steve and Donell Trostrud: New Tribes Mission, Papua New Guinea


Tom and Janet Wiest: Pioneers Mission to Peru